• Focus on brand design for auto service

    JoyDesign is committed to design impressive business brand for garage depending on brand positioning , brand strategy and corporate culture.

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  • Brand Design

    The brand design is the cornerstone and core for a startup having businesses. A great deal of auto garages’ brands designed by Joydesign with rich experience had spread all around the world, and becoming local landmark.

  • Lobby Design

    Lobby as a place congregated garage brand, culture, experience and marketing——is vital for a garage building a strong bond with customers that will can become returning customers and contribute more business.

  • Workshop Layout

    Perfect Workshop Layout is critical for running productive business. Joydesign provides the optimal layout solution according to building inner composition and all the construction drawings including oil pipe, gas pipe,water pipe, wiring and so on.

  • 3D Architectural Rendering

    3D architectural rendering created by rendering farm could help customer have a knowledge of anticipant garage before building has been built, and it is usefull to assess finishing material budget and reduce rework cost.

  • 3D Rendering Animation

    Rending animation is trump card for a high-end garage to carry out marketing activities and present brand strength. Joydesign has a big scale of rendering farm to generate 3D animation. Lower cost and more exquisite than filming.

  • Website Building

    Responsive web is adaptable on any device whether it is phone, tablet or PC. Responsive websites including e-commerce, business website built by Joydesign are grand and magnificent, encrypted by SSL certificates to keep safe.

Fast Finishing System

  • 快速装修系统是自主研发的车间快速装修解决方案,具有如下特点:

    1. 美观新颖:提高车间亮度,背面走线,不影响美观。
    2. 安装方便:高度模块化,安装便捷,可自行安装。
    3. 应用广泛:用于室内隔断、墙面装饰、烤房外观等。
    4. 成本低:节约材料成本和施工成本。
    5. 可靠耐用:具有阻燃、防水等特性,维护简便,使用寿命长。



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