• 01.Make a request

    You can tell us your request in the following ways

    The project manager will confirm the design items and budget with you.

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  • 02.Sign Contract

    The manager communicated with you and put forward the design plan, and signed the <<Design Service Contract>> after the client’s approval.

    Then, JoyDesign will set up a project team.

  • 03.Surveying and Mapping

    The project team sent engineers to survey the buildings and sites, and gave layout suggestions.

    If there is a site drawing, the designer will draw more detailed CAD drawings.

    Survey data includes: distance, light, sound, temperature, etc.

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  • 04.Designs for Implementation

    During the design period, project managers and designers communicate with customers at any time to adopt customer feedback.

  • 05.Rendering

    The renderings produced by computer simulation allow customers to have an overall perception of finishing costs, consumables usage, and finishing effects before opening the store, reducing the risk of rework.

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  • 06.3D Video

    3D video is Joy Design feature for automotive repair shop marketing and brand display, which is a necessary tool as high-end automotive repair shop. Zhuoyi has large-scale servers for the production of 3D video. Compared with post filming, 3D video screen is more sophisticated, lower cost.

  • 07.Delivery Drawings

    The design drawings are examined and approved by the relevant departments, and the final qualified drawings are delivered to the customers and construction personnel.

    In case of tight construction period, a gradual delivery method will be adopted to help customers reduce losses.

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